Net2Source Hires and Supports America’s Heroes

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We have a dedicated veteran hiring program where we just don’t hire and place them, but we reskill and upskill them as well and help them build successful careers. We have a specialized team for military and veteran hiring. We connect them with the clients where their character, skills, and service is valued. The goal is to give back “You’ve served your country. Now let us serve you.

Other Programs:
People With Disabilities Program

Net2Source Global RPO Service Provider Firm running Veteran Program Across North America

There’s work for everyone. That’s what we believe.

We prepare our staff to recruit and provide training for people with disabilities. We even have a Disability Mentoring Day to help talented candidates combat ableism in the workplace. Oh, and we help educate clients with tips on preparing the work environment for easy accessibility.

Why does accessibility matter to businesses? Well, it accomplishes quite a bit:

Opens up more opportunities for job seekers

Opens up more talent for employers

Helps instill more confidence in workers

Demonstrates the strengths of disabled talent in the workplace

We are committed to hiring veterans and bringing military efficiency to civilian job search. We connect former service members with employers who value their skills, attitude, and experience. Our team includes veterans and professionals with the highest respect for veterans and our armed forces, and we are committed to hiring veterans and bringing military efficiency to civilian job searches. We focus on matching the right talent with the right opportunities so everyone wins. We devote ourselves to helping veterans get the training and support they need to transition seamlessly back into civilian life. Work with dedicated military recruiters who make it simpler to transition to civilian work. Receive assistance from specialized staff members who translate your skills into the qualifications that employers want. Get training and support to smooth your transition to civilian work.

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