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We take the hassle out of hiring by carefully screening and handpicking the best candidates for your company. Our expert specializes in matching top candidates with the perfect job fit. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and costly process of finding the right employee and hello to an efficient and seamless hiring experience.

Case Study

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Implemented Direct Hire staffing strategy

Direct hire staffing services can be particularly useful for companies that are struggling to find qualified candidates through traditional recruitment methods, or that have high-level positions that are difficult to fill. Using a staffing agency to find and recruit candidates can save a company time and resources, and can also provide access to a wider pool of qualified candidates.

Direct Hire staffing strategy
Direct Hire case study

Difficulty finding a candidate with necessary skills and experience

Our client is a manufacturing company that was in need of a new plant manager to oversee its operations. The company had a specific set of requirements for the position, and was having difficulty finding a candidate with the necessary skills and experience. The company was also concerned about the time and resources it would take to find and onboard a new hire.

Hired N2S to find a suitable candidate

Client decided to use a direct hire staffing service to find a suitable candidate for the plant manager position. N2S was able to access a wide pool of qualified candidates and used its expertise in recruitment and selection to find the best fit for the company's needs. The agency also handled the entire recruitment process, including advertising the job, screening candidates, and coordinating interviews.

Direct Hire Solutions

Support with onboarding and integrating the new hire

The use of direct hire staffing services helped Client to find a highly qualified candidate for the plant manager position in a timely and efficient manner. The company was able to bring on a new plant manager who had the necessary skills and experience to oversee its operations, improving the overall performance of the company. N2S's support with onboarding and integrating the new hire into the company also helped to ensure a smooth transition.

Direct Hire case study

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Lisa Simpson

"I have had the pleasure of working with N2S on multiple occasions and have always been impressed with their level of service and dedication to finding the perfect job match."

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Matthew Brown

"I have had a great experience working with this staffing company. They took the time to understand my needs and found me a job that was the perfect fit."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider using direct hire staffing services?

Direct hire staffing services can save your company time and effort in the hiring process. Staffing agencies have access to a broader pool of candidates, and their expertise in screening and matching applicants can lead to higher-quality hires.

How does the direct hire staffing process work?

The process typically involves the staffing agency advertising the job, sourcing candidates through various channels, conducting interviews and assessments, and presenting the most suitable candidates to the hiring company. The final decision to hire rests with the employer.

What industries do direct hire staffing agencies serve?

Direct hire staffing agencies can cater to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to IT, finance, healthcare, engineering, marketing, and administrative services. They tailor their approach to meet the specific hiring needs of each industry.

What are the benefits of using a direct hire staffing agency over in-house recruitment?

Direct hire staffing agencies offer specialized expertise in talent acquisition, access to a broader talent pool, reduced time-to-fill positions, and thorough screening processes. Employers can focus on their core business activities while leaving the hiring process to experts.

How do staffing agencies source candidates for direct hire positions?

Staffing agencies use various methods to source candidates, such as online job boards, social media, networking events, industry-specific platforms, and their own database of pre-screened candidates.

What role does the hiring company play in the direct hire staffing process?

The hiring company collaborates with the staffing agency to define job requirements, review and interview candidates, and make the final hiring decision. They provide valuable insights into their company culture and vision to ensure the best fit.

How much does it cost to use direct hire staffing services?

The cost of direct hire staffing services varies based on factors such as the position's complexity, industry, location, and the agency's fee structure. Some agencies charge a percentage of the hired candidate's annual salary, while others have flat fees.

Can I conduct my own interviews alongside the staffing agency's selection process?

Yes, most staffing agencies are open to involving the hiring company in the interview process. Collaboration with the agency ensures a comprehensive assessment of candidates and helps in making the best hiring decision.

How long does the direct hire process typically take from start to finish?

The duration of the process can vary based on factors like the complexity of the position, the availability of suitable candidates, and the speed of decision-making. In general, direct hire staffing agencies aim to present qualified candidates within a few weeks.

Do direct hire staffing agencies handle background checks and reference verification?

Yes, reputable direct hire staffing agencies often conduct comprehensive background checks, employment verification, and reference checks to ensure the credibility and suitability of candidates for the hiring company.

What if I am not satisfied with the candidates presented by the staffing agency?

Communication is key. If you are not satisfied with the candidates presented, provide feedback to the agency so they can adjust their search criteria. A good staffing agency will work closely with you to ensure they understand your requirements and find suitable candidates accordingly.

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