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The changing global scenario has forced companies and multinational organizations to adapt to outsourcing as a way of sourcing their human capital without having to hire employees overseas. The ability to cut costs without compromising quality remains an attractive feature of offshoring. Still, the business world requires a more convenient option in order to make the process as seamless as possible. Occasionally, businesses are reluctant to cross oceans for their staffing requirements, and we commend these companies for their reluctance. As a global provider of near-shore staffing solutions, Net2Source provides staffing services directly to small and medium-sized businesses.

Suppose, Your company is planning an ambitious IT project, but your budget is limited. Your organization is going to need an ongoing IT, BPO, or software development teams. However, where do you turn? To get the best talent for the project, you can consider Net2Source Nearshore Outsourcing services.

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The Near Shoring Advantage

Following a successful long-term nearshore development partnership, Net2Source took the quality and price-effectiveness of the overseas outsourcing model and eliminated the most common problems faced by US companies. Some of our most important advantages include:

More Support and Coverage

Competitive Cost Advantage

Speaking The Same Language

Having Teams In The Same Time Zone

Highly Skilled Resources Who Understand Your Business

Why Nearshore Outsourcing

  1. Similar Time Zones: Since your near-shore staff will also be located in your company’s time zone, communication and collaboration will be easier during working hours.
  2. Cost Savings: When compared to the United States, the cost of labor is significantly lower in South American countries. As a result, you will be able to reduce your company’s operating expenses.
  3. Large Pool Of Talent: By hiring outside your geographic location, your company has the opportunity to obtain highly skilled and talented individuals.
  4. Easily Accessible: Your near-shore staff, despite being located in another country, is still very near to your local offices, and thus, if needed, they can be reached quickly in person.
  5. Experts skilled in their field: A country like Mexico has an extraordinarily talented and skilled population that can fill the gap left by the low percentage of scientists, engineers, and other professionals that are available in the United States.
  6. Proper Infrastructure: Businesses in the United States are able to access infrastructure that can accommodate their needs, allowing work to be accomplished smoothly.

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