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CWS Summit North America 2023

Cowboys vs Jets! + SIA CWS

Witness the ultimate clash of football titans and cutting-edge business insights in an unforgettable 2-day extravaganza!

Welcome to the thrilling world where the realms of football and business meet in an unprecedented event. This year, we had the privilege of sponsoring the CWS Summit North America, an event that brought together the best of both worlds – the thrill and excitement of an adrenaline-fueled showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and the NY Jets, and the opportunity for industry leaders to delve into the future of the contingent workforce.

AT&T Stadium: Dallas Cowboys v/s NY Jets

The stage was set at the iconic AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, where the Dallas Cowboys faced off against the NY Jets. As the stadium roared with anticipation, our exclusive private suite offered a front-row seat to witness every heart-stopping moment. From the thunderous tackles to the triumphant touchdowns, it was an experience that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX | 17 September

The event commenced on September 17th with the clash of these football titans. The stadium was alive with the energy of passionate fans, while our distinguished guests enjoyed the match from the comfort of our private suite. It was a true celebration of competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and the joy of coming together to witness the spectacle of professional football.

CWS North America: Unlock The Future of Contingent Workforce

The excitement didn't stop there. The Omni Hotel in Dallas, TX, became the hub of thought leadership and innovation as the CWS Summit North America took centre stage for the following two days. This exclusive event brought together industry experts thought leaders and professionals from various sectors to explore and unlock the future of the contingent workforce.

CWS Summit North America 2023 (5)
CWS Summit North America 2023 (6)
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CWS Summit North America 2023 (2)
CWS Summit North America 2023

The CWS Summit North America was a platform for inspiring discussions, insightful presentations, and networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to engage with industry pioneers, gain valuable insights into emerging trends, and collaborate with like-minded professionals. It was an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge, discover new possibilities, and shape the future of the workforce landscape.

(By Invitation Only)

Both the AT&T Stadium football extravaganza and the CWS Summit North America were exclusive events, available only to those who received an invitation. Attendees were hand-picked from a select group of industry leaders, ensuring that the environment fostered meaningful conversations and interactions among top-tier professionals.


For those who could not attend this year's event, we extend our regrets and hope to engage with you in future endeavors. To stay updated on upcoming events and secure your spot in the realms of football and business brilliance, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or reach out to us at events@net2source.com. We look forward to hosting you at our future events where world-class experiences await!

In conclusion, the CWS Summit North America and the electrifying Cowboys vs. Jets football showdown were the highlights of an unforgettable 2-day extravaganza. We are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor such an exceptional event that seamlessly blended the excitement of football with the visionary insights of the contingent workforce industry. Until we meet again, may the spirit of competition and innovation continue to drive us toward a brighter future.

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