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Implemented contingent staffing strategy

Contingent staffing refers to the practice of hiring temporary or contract workers to meet a company's immediate workforce needs. In this case study, we will explore how our client implemented a contingent staffing strategy to address its fluctuating staffing needs.

Contingent Staffing
Contingent Staffing (1)

Struggled to effectively manage its staffing levels

Our client is a mid-sized manufacturing company that produces a variety of consumer products. The company's production needs are highly seasonal, with demand for its products fluctuating significantly throughout the year. In the past, Client struggled to effectively manage its staffing levels during these fluctuations, often resulting in either overstaffing or understaffing at different times of the year.

Implement a contingent staffing strategy

To address this issue, Client decided to implement a contingent staffing strategy. The company partnered with N2S to provide temporary and contract workers as needed. This allowed Client to quickly and easily adjust its staffing levels to meet its production demands without the need to hire and train permanent employees.

Contingent Staffing (2)
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To ensure a smooth transition to the new staffing model, Client worked closely with the staffing agency to establish clear communication channels and guidelines. This included setting up regular check-ins with the agency to discuss staffing needs and providing training to temporary and contract workers to ensure they were fully equipped to perform their tasks.

Cost savings, increased productivity and efficiency

The implementation of the contingent staffing strategy has proven to be a success for Client. The company has been able to effectively manage its staffing levels, ensuring that it has the right number of workers at all times without the need to overstaff or understaff. This has resulted in cost savings for the company, as well as increased productivity and efficiency.

Contingent Staffing (4)
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In summary, Client was able to address its fluctuating staffing needs through the implementation of a contingent staffing strategy. By partnering with N2S and establishing clear communication channels and guidelines, the company was able to effectively manage its staffing levels and realize cost savings, increased productivity, and improved efficiency.

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