Net2Source Hires and Supports America’s Heroes

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N2S has service members and veterans training with us around North America, supported by a vast array of staff and faculty who are from strong technical training backgrounds. As a result, N2S truly understands the specific needs of our country’s veterans. To support you, we have dedicated advisors skilled at addressing the questions veterans face when enrolling in Technical Training Programs, such as how to get adopted to Technology, what level of the position will they get and others.

Net2Source Global RPO Service Provider Firm running Veteran Program Across North America

As a top veteran-focused training program, our goal is to make your decision to advance your training simple and straightforward by identifying the necessary steps and services available to you along the way. N2S will help you navigate through questions such as: how to enroll, where to find support, and an explanation of veteran’s benefits. At any time you can simply request additional information or to speak with a member of our trainings team.

Partnerships and Commitment

N2S partners with veteran professional associations and nonprofit organizations to increase our success in recruiting top veteran talent. Our employees are committed to fostering relationships and serving the veteran community.

We work very closely with VETS (Veterans Employment and Training Service). N2S highly values America’s veterans and we want you on our N2S team. As a veteran, you have a unique combination of exceptional talent, experience and leadership skills found nowhere else in the private sector. Your demonstrated commitment to excellence, dedicated service, and unwavering integrity that brought you military success can bring you outstanding success at N2S. Come join us and make an exciting career at N2S.

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