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The telecom industry is one of the most competitive industry. Therefore, time is of the essence in it more than in any other field. Net2Source is the most prominent telecom recruitment solutions company specializing in recruiting telecom professionals and providing the best staffing services available to the industry. The Telecom industry can be considered the hub for digital growth and will continue to be a disruptor in the near future. As a result, big telecom players will have growth potential and profitable growth in the coming years. Yet, most companies have difficulty attracting and retaining qualified employees. The global shortage of talent in telecom companies affects 54 % of companies in this industry.

We have assisted leading Telecommunications organizations with their recruiting needs for more than 14 years, as our network of consultants has been unsurpassed by other agencies.

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The Problem

Traditional staffing and typical recruiting do not meet the very specific, on-demand talent needs of most telecom companies, especially in their IT, Engineering and Customer Support. As a result, projects often get delayed, deadlines are missed and sales are lost.

The Solution

Net2Source offers innovative, reliable and affordable solutions to help your department or organization more effectively. We engage the talent you need – when, where, how you need it, and manage quality, cost and risk – throughout every engagement.

Why Net2Source?

Net2Source has the only reverse-engineered, global 24/7 recruiting and service delivery model adapted to meet the local-to-global specialized and niche talent needs of various segments of the Telecommunication industry.

Talent Expertise

Agile Project Methodology
Research & Development
Cell Site Development
Training & Support
Content Management
Quality & Assurance
Transmission Network
Analytics and Reporting
Configuration Management
Enterprise Products
Product Management
API Management
Converged Infrastructure
ERP Management
Programming Tools
App & Server Monitoring Tool
CRM Management
Quality Assurance
Application Development
Application Management
Data Science
Hosting Services
Software Engineering
Architecture Management
Data Warehouse
Info System & Technology
Systems Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Database Management
Information Security
Test Management
Design Management
Infrastructure Management
Unified Communications
Big Data and Analytics
Digital Transformation
Integration Management
User Interface
Business Intelligence
Embedded Mobile
Machine Learning
Cloud Computing
Emerging Technologies
Mobile Applications
Web Development
Computer Aided Design
Enterprise Applications
Network Operations
Web Technologies
Accounting & Finance
Digital Media
Facilities Management
Marketing & Communication
Risk and Compliance
Customer Support
Human Resources
NOC Support
Supply Chain


Screening Interview & Reference Check

Reliable, Resilient & Responsive Solutions

Nationwide & Global Presence

Increase Business Efficiency

Sometimes your telecom staffing talent requirements can be precise and challenging to locate. Net2Source’s expertise in the industry and market can be invaluable at this stage. Moreover, we have access to the best talent available in the market, including candidates who are actively seeking employment and candidates whose skills are currently in demand elsewhere. As one of the best telecom staffing firms, our objective is to work closely with the companies looking for qualified and skilled candidates to meet their specific needs and find them suitable candidates, according to their requirements. To better serve our clients, Net2Source has been developing its expertise in telecom staffing agencies over the past several years.

From changing consumer demands to the Internet of Things, as well as regulations to facilitate competition and protect consumers, and the increasing complexity of managing networks, telecom companies face many challenges to growth and profitability. Sophisticated solutions are required to gain a competitive edge. Net2Source assists many of the largest companies in the industry with solving one of their most challenging issues: engaging the talent they need – when, where and how they need it. Job seekers can check telecom job here.

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