Reasons Why Weekly Check-Ins So Important for Your Remote Team

By the end of 2021, there will be roughly 25% to 30% of employees who work remotely at least part-time. As a result of the pandemic, companies rapidly shifted to working from home, but both the employees and the companies have reaped the benefits of this change. However, employers are required to adjust their management practices to accommodate the new workforce. Checking in weekly with your remote team is one way to do this successfully. Whether or not you plan on returning to the office, here are some tips for making these check-ins effective.

1. Communicates Effectively

You can stay in touch with your team by checking in weekly, even when you are unable to be present in person. Likewise, when you reach out regularly, you increase the confidence of your team members to communicate with you when needed. The development of these communication channels will assist you in managing remote employees more effectively.

2. Establishes Trust

Building trust also requires regular check-ins. By relying on your team to do the work they need to do each day rather than checking in on them at regular intervals, you allow them to work at their own pace. If deadlines are met, and the work is done according to your standards, you should trust your employees to manage their time and productivity. Keep in touch with your team weekly to avoid falling into a micromanagement style.

3. Establishes Accountability

Naturally, you remain interested in knowing what the team’s position is on any given project. By checking in on a weekly basis, you give your team a benchmark to measure their commitment to responsibility. In addition, it provides an opportunity to discuss any obstacles or challenges with others who may have a fresh perspective on the problem.

4. Boosts Productivity

A weekly check-in can also help improve productivity. It will give your team a schedule when and where they need to meet certain milestones on their projects, so they know when they can hit them or beat them. There are many reasons why remote productivity is different from office productivity, so it’s essential to adjust your management style accordingly.

5. Improves Leadership Skills

Weekly check-ins are also an effective way to refine leadership. You will not only improve the way you manage employees remotely, but you will also be able to see how other members of your team step up to provide leadership in a remote environment as well.

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