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In the matter of integrated talent solutions, nothing is new. Today, over 33% of the US workforce can be classified as ‘non-traditional’ (that is, not really employees of the companies for whom they’re doing work), a number that is expected to develop to completely 50% of the private sector by 2020. This isn’t a US trend; we’re seeing some patterns rising across Europe and Asia as well.

This change has just made a dramatic and extreme effect on the relationship between organizations and their employees. As such, talent organizations need to consider themselves not as employers, however, as talent platforms, upgraded so that workers of all kinds can do their best work when, where, and how they want to do it.

That's where Net2Source comes in

With our incorporated talent solutions, we approach total talent to make the planet of work, one step ahead. With Net2Source, we search for the most efficient and effective plan to complete work with the best talent on the market, regardless of what their employment status or worker categorization might be.

From temp to perm, from full-time representatives to contingent workers and consultants, Net2Source joins all types of talent into an extensible, adaptable and sustainable strategy intended to assist you to compete for, and win, the top talent you need tomorrow while fulfilling the business needs of today.

Net2Source’s industry-leading expertise covers Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO), Managed Services Provider (MSP) and services procurement, implying that no matter what talent requests your business, we have got you covered. From advisory services to project consulting and strategy, our Integrated Talent Management Solutions will work with you to make your workforce work better day by day.

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