Independent Contractor

Disciplines related to independent contractor misclassification can bring about expensive outcomes. Organizations must be cautious in assessing and applying the right criteria for 1099 status. As IC compliance develops, we help associations distinguish and address potential pitfalls before they become tricky.

Net2Source ensures compliance and risk management by effectively utilizing an adaptable way to deal with Independent Contractors while securing your organization through a rigorous standardized screening preventing potential misclassification reviews. We have the capacity and aptitude to deal with all aspects of IC compliance on a continuous or pre-commitment basis. We utilized a fastidious evaluation procedure to perform a 1099 compliance audit that uncovered potential liabilities. We will then work with your side to execute enduring solutions that shield your organization from further risk.

Our IC Evaluation Process

Information Gathering

Accumulate definite data about the contractor and the project for our compliance group to audit and convey a written report with a classification assurance

Compliance Record

For qualified independent contractors we set a compliance record to document their status assurances

Outlining Negative

For contractual workers seen as misclassified, we outline the potentially negative budgetary results and present several business options

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Independent Contractor

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