In a world where competition is rising every second, Independent thinkers are not given the space and time to Innovate. Lost amidst in-numerous loopholes, social stigmas and bureaucratic hierarchy, a lot these ideas which could potentially change the world never see the light of day. I urge each one of us to promote and encourage rising stars who need a platform to shine..Be an observer, may be someone needs your help – believe in helping people to make a Career and not just take up a job for survival.

When I look at taking up a job opportunity I look at several factors – may be this helps.

Most Important – Jot down all the reasons/challenges that made you quit your last job – what made your worst come out – at what point you decided THIS IS IT – can’t take it anymore… this checklist will help you decide better. Also, jot down everything you liked about your previous jobs and your expectations from your new job.


1. Why do I want to join that company. Do I know enough about the company – Revenue, Profit margin, Stability, Clients, Leadership, Growth Prospects, Vision, even branding aspects like website to name a few.

2. What do they do and How they do (very important)?

3. Technology, Process, Hierarchy, Culture followed internally. What makes them different?

4. Check Employees background, their stability, their role, tenure. feedback/reviews, blogs on Social Media. Use the social media to find out and connect with people who have been in this profile – getting insight helps.

5. Right fitment for the role – I want to define what I like doing vs. what I am not very passionate about – this is important to bring out my best at work. Where do I want to be long term in the company – Decide a career graph for myself.

6. Clients and Competition – Growth prospects of the company.

7. Road map – Transparent expectation setting (realistic targets, approach, timeline, challenges involved, what support do they offer)

8. Salary, Title, Incentive, Bonus- Who does not think about all this (why should I be an exception. Money motivates and encouragement keeps you charged up.

9. Are they ready to trust and invest long term. Rome was not built in a day, every good thing takes time – do we have time to let the person adapt to the culture, company and role?

10. I should be ready mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, professionally, personally – head and heart both say YES – Go ahead!! I should take up the job not as a job but as my Career.