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Caitlyn Conte
Advanced Product Quality Planning (Design APQP) Engineer

I have applied through a recruiter and my resume was shortlisted for interview. The interview was for about 20 min and there were 2 interviewers on the board. The interview was both Technical and Behavioral. I have attempted to answer almost all the questions definitely and to the point. The panel was acceptable and supportive. They’ve responded to all my questions patiently. Practice well, don’t lose hope. All the best!

Brandon Mudd
Marketing Specialist

I was reached out by a Net2Source recruiter via LinkedIn. She asked if I was interested in the position and if so send over resume. The interview process included 1 phone screen and 1 in-person interview, both less than 30 minutes.

Charles Nelson
3D Generalist

The interview process was quick and easy. After receiving a phone call and agreeing to have my application submitted for the position, it was just a matter of a week before I was packing and moving across the country.

Dean Brian
Account Manager

They’re thorough with their hiring process – had four total interviews over three different days. The questions were straight forward, yet thoughtful. It wasn’t easy but it was a positive experience overall.

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