Are you hiring cautiously?

What do you look for when interviewing someone? Lets discuss some unconventional ways of hiring.

Let me guess most of us would say it’s a combination of relevant Experience, Stability, Achievements and its all important – I don’t deny however, there are some elements that we may miss looking at and lose a valuable resource.

Its not always about what person has done in past. but it’s also about what he/she can do for your company. The person may not have had the experience of working as a Business Development person in previous company – reasons could be many, may be he/she never got a platform to perform, or choice of career was wrong, got lured by an easy pick, took up a job to pay the bills and never cared about what he/she actually wants to do. Business Development is not a rocket science it’s an art of building trust, making an impact in the crowd, understand and resolving a problem and any one who values clients more than anything else can certainly be a “Rockstar”.

Few of the factors I take into consideration while interviewing anyone:

Passion: The go getter spirit makes the right cut. I don’t know something – one way to look at things – I don’t know something but I will find it out – the best way to look at anything.

Eagerness to learn: no one can be perfect but the willingness to learn, to work hard, to break the boundary of – these are my KRA matters.

Knowledge: Its truly said little knowledge is a dangerous thing, at times, we forget its important to gauge the IQ and Intellect along with knowledge someone possesses.

Communication: It’s not always about what you say but how you say that matters

Family Background: it’s important to know about it because upbringing plays an important role in someone’s life. You are what you want to be and a lot of it is inherited from your family and culture you are brought up in.

Hard Worker v/s Smart Worker: there can be multiple ways to do the same thing but one should know the best and most efficient way of doing things.

Confidence: there is a very thin line of difference between confidence and over-confidence. One should remember what he knows vs what he doesn’t know. What he is good at vs what he is worst at. Self realization is important to know what he is be the BEST at.

Vision: One should know what he wants from his life. Why does he want a job and what is he looking at long term for himself.

Hiring is never an easy job, it comes with lot of responsibility however, one should be very careful with his approach during hiring, your decisions can impact someone’s career thus life in a much bigger way than you can imagine.

I would say its easy to reject someone but before doing that remember, you can be in their shoe someday.